Welcome to the wonderful world of ellabee love...


Meet Ellabee, the love-focused, fearless girl who lives in heaven on earth!

Loves everyone and everything. No exceptions
Favorite saying is "to each their own world"
A true seer of light
Believes that everything is possible
Goal is to serve all brothers and sisters because we are all one family united
Focuses on love and fearlessly lives her life guided by her intuition
As an author and writer, she shares her love and message with the world
Her best friend is Jesus, who she loves dearly

With her vivid imagination and love for the new world, Ellabee's quest is to share the good news in the world!


Jesus is God’s son. He was completely human, but also completely God!

Has a lot of love to show
Born in a stable, in a little town called Bethlehem
Mom Mary and dad Joseph took great care of him
Has done pretty amazing things like healing people and turning water into wine!
Lots of incredible stories, like walking on water and feeding 5,000 people with just a few fish and loaves of bread
Wants everyone to know how much God loves them
Died on a cross for all of our sins, but don't worry, he came back to life three days later

Jesus loves everyone unconditionally.